Apologies and FOS

Well I don’t know about all of you, but I have to say I’m pretty impressed with how our politicians – world wide that is – stand up, apologise and move on.

Yes, it seems to me they can do or say as they please, pee as many people off as they like, including their fellow politicians, apologise publicly and then go off for a cup of tea and a slice of cake. The fact they’ve infuriated the people they represent is neither here nor there.

I’ve sat for much time while pondering how they can do this with such ease. And now – without any funds for an official investigation – I can conclude a politician’s DNA has an additional chromosome – namely FOS. Or for those not in the “no” Full of Shit.

Sadly as the rest of us do not have the old FOS, I still feel we need a platform for apologising, if not to ease our souls. And with that in mind, I offer you this place now. Yes, an open platform to stand up and apologies for any misdemeanour’s made – recent or retrospective.

I will make the first apology then. Cough, cough, clearing my throat, pulling myself to full height, feeling rather nervous, but here goes:

I, Ruth, would like to apologise for pulling the plaits of a fellow student while attending Brooklands Junior School in Leighton Buzzard, some time in the 1970s. Even today it troubles me that this poor girl’s mother created such wonderful long plaits only for me, a mere whipper snapper, to have the audacity to tarnish this good with a mighty yank.

Shew, I feel so much better. Now time for a cup of tea and a slice of something nice

Please feel free to add your own apology if you feel strong enough to do so.


2 thoughts on “Apologies and FOS

  1. Okay, as it’s Monday, I’ll play along. I apologise to Clarence, my English teacher for winking at him, as I sat in the front row in his class. He blushed bright red and lost his train of thought. I also apologise to Miss Mizen, for the plastic inkblot I placed on her beautifully scrubbed white-wood table, which caused her to have an apoplexy and almost lose her wig. 😆 (These misdemeanors occurred in my 14th year.)

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