Sneaking this one in on a fine Spring Day

Hello, a wee bit of self-marketing here 🙂 on this beauty of a spring day in Cape Town.  Can’t believe I’m inside while the sun is out there waiting for me.

My book, Jedland is free today. I’d love you to read it.

You don’t have to own a Kindle, you can downlaod the free Kindle app and read on any device.

Hope you will enjoy it and let me know what you think.

You can download your free copy here – Jedland






13 thoughts on “Sneaking this one in on a fine Spring Day

  1. Hi Ruth how wonderful!!! Now all I need is a kindle- but I dont want one!! How else to read Jedland??? And what a beautiful spring day to launch a book! Marvelous wonderful!

    1. Hello Dominique! Nice of you to pop by. Well you can download the free kindle app to your phone, tablet, laptop etc and download the book if you like. I was going to try and put together a hard copy, but not managed to get completely sorted with it yet.
      I went to the Book Lounge and purchased your book, it’s now by my bedside about to be read. Looking forward to it

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