Out for lunch . . . why not have a look at some houses?

Had a good weekend?

I had a pretty darn good one, headed off to Riebeek Kasteel for lunch with the family, settling down at Bar Bar Black Sheep for a rather lovely fillet poivre, plus a good deal of teasing and laughter.

To make the most of the hour or so drive we deliberately arrived early – albeit a verbal punch-up when navigator hubby had us miss our turnoff – and had a bit of a stroll in the warmth of the sun. For those of you lucky enough to visit this little gem of a place, you’ll know you need to allocate about 15 minutes max for a walk through of the main restaurant/shopping area, bearing in mind dawdling and moving from shop to shop will ramp the time up a bit. As a tip, if you’re not going for lunch, the Royal Hotel is a nice place to sit for tea or a nice long alcoholic beverage on the verandah/stoep while watching the dorp go by.

After a bit of shop dawdling we drifted over to  several estate agents, “just to see the property prices” and my husband did his normal, “you couldn’t live in a place like this, but I could” mantra.

The romantic in me sees the quaint, calm, idyllic life we could have there. A large property, big house, plenty of grass, no need to get up before nine and then only to throw open the windows and listen to the chirruping of the birds.

My normal self on the other hand sees miles from nowhere, bored out of my skull, loads of housework, a need for a sit-on-lawn-mover and a waging war with hubby about the distance to the nearest shopping centre, which will always be the one in Cape Town I am found to frequent – Cavendish, I love you 🙂

That said, we ate a good meal, strolled back to the old car and left with a proverbial thumbs up to any estate agent in sight

Have a cup of tea and a slice of lemon meringue and tell me about yours



11 thoughts on “Out for lunch . . . why not have a look at some houses?

  1. talesofwhimsy

    That sounds positively lovely. We ran errands and spent yesterday in the park with some of my husband’s coworkers. It was lovely.

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