Movie night with Helen

Thank goodness the weekend is here. A good time to reflect on life.

Good that’s done with, let’s see what I’m up to this weekend then. Not a great deal, but hubby and I could well be going to see The Hundred Foot Journey with Helen Mirren, not actually with her, but with her . . . in it. Looks just up my street, some good humour and a touch of love and drama I would think. Anybody seen it yet?

How’s this conversation I had with hubby this morning,

“Will you love me forever?” (I ask him this everyday as a joke and he falls for it every time by responding with a yes and a will you love me to. My standard reply, NO)

“Only if you stop moaning,” he said

“I only moan to keep you on your toes,” I said. “I’d hate you to drop your standards” (You know sometimes I even think I’m an old cow.)

He puffed a bit, pulled the duvet off and said. “But will you love me forever?”


Have a great weekend everybody



My lovely hubby and I








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