Should we adopt a dog?

So here we are, contemplating adopting a little dog. Travis, our boy, lost the battle early this year, leaving Mutley alone, and sad.

Phew, it’s a big decision, in more ways than one.  The biggest being our long term plan to be swallows, with a house in SA and house in the UK. Hubby says no problem, we were going to take both our boys to the UK anyway, so we would take a new dog with Mutley instead.

The emotions of this are immense. I visited the SPCA a few weekends ago, and as expected shed many tears when we left. Today hubby went alone and came back with a form to fill in. He has seen a couple of doggies that would suit, now I need to go and visit.  Making a choice will be heartbreaking, I almost need hubby to decide. I know he will do the right thing, he’s good like that with an enourmous heart.

Lots to think about on this bright and beautiful day in Cape Town.

Here’s my boy Travis

travis smiling 2





20 thoughts on “Should we adopt a dog?

  1. As others have said the right dog will find you. As you may have noticed from my blog, my dog Bertie has changed my life and brightens my every day. I don’t have kids so he gets all the attention. Hope you find the perfect companion for Mutley. BTW was Mutley in Wacky Races (is that how you spell it?!)?

  2. Ah Ruth I feel for you! I still miss those of mine who have passed over… The heartache never really goes away. If you can, let the dog decide he/she wants to be with you. Take your time. I always like a pet who looks into your eyes!

    1. this is so true. I fell in love with so many today, but need to know the one we choose is right for us and our Mutley who is almost 12. Only just managed to leave there with dry eyes

      1. yes and no. We saw a couple we liked, but both were very young, and we need an older dog for our Mutley who is almost 12. It’s hell of a tough to leave them behind, but I know we will soon be taking the right one home

    1. yes, he is a sweetheart. No I’ve not joined, can you send me a link or name of group please. Funny this was, I was thinking about Ambi this morning, wonder if she is there. thanks for the tip

  3. hedgehog118

    Well you know I am not a doggie person, and Mum is banging in my hear Yes go for it Ruth, You know I think you will get one Knowing you two lovely people

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