Thank you Wilbur Smith

I’ve been reading Wilbur Smith for years, so I was well chuffed to win this signed copy of his latest Desert God. Thank you very much Wilbur Smith and Exclusive Books.

I haven’t won anything since I won the fancy dress competition dressed like this. Between you and me I think I was the only one who entered  . . .  sshhhhhh!


me waitress 20140925_204126_resized 20140925_204103_resized


17 thoughts on “Thank you Wilbur Smith

  1. You are indeed a most fortunate finny water-dweller with scales! I hope the scribbles therein – beyond the signature – are up to his usual standard.
    (I think he has left enough space for you to add just above, in well-forged handwriting, ‘To Ruth with profound admiration.’)

  2. I had so many of his books at one time. Sadly, as the price of books went up so drastically (for me anyway) I could not afford them anymore. Libraries never got the new books as soon as they were published.
    You’re one lucky fish to have a signed copy.

    1. I know, so chuffed. And I have to agree with you books are expensive and libraries seem to have new books on long waiting lists that means you might get a read in about 2 years time!

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