I can’t believe what I’m hearing

Forgive my ignorance, but doesn’t taking the stance Oscar Pistorius is a first time offender and should therefore sweep floors as punishment pushing somewhat?

I’m sorry, but his first time offence was murder, kill, manslaughter, take a life. Call it as you will. Oscar did not pinch a packet of bread from the local supermarket


11 thoughts on “I can’t believe what I’m hearing

  1. It seems all the legal mumbo-jumbo has totally distorted things. The most likely scenario remains that they argued, he got in a wild rage, she fled, he shot her. He deserves a great deal of discomfort, and blow rehabilitation.

  2. I agree with melouisef. There’s more to come. I don’t think he’ll be sitting behind bars, but I would give him longer than the three years of house-arrest and community service as suggested.

  3. No that was not yet the punishment just a suggestion from a prison official. It is more complicated than that. This would be so that he can earn an income and be under correctional services which I promise you is no picnic either. But we will have to wait and see now what the judge decides and whether the state has an appeal re the verdict. I am sure she has already made up her mind.

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