Christmas in October

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Finished it? Planned a dinner to be slaved over, enjoyed and subsequently settled with antacids?

I haven’t. But if the the local South African retailers have got anything to do with it I should be.

Yesterday I went to Pick n Pay in Claremont, and lo and behold a very pretty Christmas Tree was up, decorated and lit up, well exactly like a Christmas Tree

Happy Shopping all 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Christmas in October

  1. I agree with Harmony. The Christmas stuff is definitely starting to come out earlier each year. I think they should at least wait until Halloween has passed before they start with the Christmas stuff 😉

  2. I haven’t been ‘shopping’ for a while. I often think I have missed several months when I see this nonsense. It’s like, sheesh, is it December already?’
    Same with Easter. You rock up at the shops in February and there’s Easter eggs all over the damn place. Nuts!

    1. and have you noticed how hot cross buns and mince pies are available all year long, but renamed to fruit buns and well, they stay as mince pies minus the festive packaging

      1. Really? No I had not noticed that! My kids have their own bakery business so I tend to get all that sort of stuff home made these days.
        I did notice that JC Le Roux try t extend their ad campaigns to include all holidays as a reason to pop the champers.

        I guess we all have to make a living, but I occasionally miss the old high street shopping and half days Wednesdays like in the UK.

  3. hedgehog118

    You know that looks like the one you unpack every year….LOL much to early for home decoration, like you say the shops get earlier every year

  4. I’ve noticed a trend where the trees and decorations are going up earlier in the malls … I don’t know if it’s to entice shoppers or make us all jolly ‘ho ho ho’; but I’m Scrooge when it comes to Christmas. No tree, no deco, no pressies, so it’s all lost on me. Bah humbug.

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