Donatella Versace, and being eaten alive for art

Is there not madness in this world or what?

Did you see the pictures of Donatella Versace this morning in the Daily Mail? Goodness me. Not sure what else I can say other than hmmmmm without being sued.

How about this story. Paul is going to put on a snake suit and have himself eaten alive while filming it. Oh dear, let’s hope I won’t be telling you this went wrong shortly.

I gave up reading after these two, although to be fair they were far easier to digest (hopefully Paul is easily digestible too, or should that be regurgitated?) than corruption and brutality.

Anybody got a bonkers news story to share over a cup of coffee?




9 thoughts on “Donatella Versace, and being eaten alive for art

  1. Amber Danette

    Here in Cornwall a lady had a Cannabis plant she was using as a Chritstmas tree. The stench of this plant caught the attention of the neighbours. ‘Needles’ to say 🙂 She will be doing porridge this xmas.

  2. I saw those photos! Wondering why she simply could not stop? Actually shocking to say the least. I read news but maybe I shouldn’t makes me depressed! I want to be an ostrich!

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