The French Gardener – Book review and a couple more

One of my great passions has always been reading. However, as over the years I have at times found myself so engrossed that life and family began to suffer, as in, “golly, sorry did you want to eat tonight?, I’ve kind of had to contain the passion and limit the time my eyes lock onto pages.  I therefore read a few pages before I go to bed, or when I have a few minutes to spare, which means it takes me FOREVER to finish a book.

That said, this Christmas I have managed to enjoy my family times of cooking, eating, playing games etc, and still have enough time to read a novel in its entirety. I deliberately chose a chick-lit book. You know the type, easy-read, make-you-feel-good book, the type you just need when lazing around with a glass of bubbles at your side.

Here is my review of The French Gardener by Santa Montefiore. Please note, I have deliberately not added spoilers. Has anybody read it? If you did, I’d like to hear what you thought. Otherwise, what are you reading? I’ve added 2 books at the bottom of this blog, one I have started to read, and 1 I am going to read. Would be interested to know how they rated for you. download Image –

I really loved this book. I picked it for a Christmas read and was well pleased. Typically the story was always going to have a happy ending, and while it did, it wasn’t the sugar-wrapped one I was expecting. Ok, maybe a little, but the twist at the end was good, satisfying.

The characters were as one would expect stereotypes, but that’s life isn’t it. I mean who hasn’t got a Cate in their life, somebody who puts them down under the guise of “helping”.Then there’s Etta, unsure of herself, yet beneath her layers a wonderfully kind person. Miranda and Ava were easy to relate to, and I enjoyed how their lives were interwoven, if not repeated to a certain extent.

The “love” connection is obvious from the start, and I have to admit I was expecting Miranda to follow Ava’s life to the T. When it didn’t I was pleased. As to the infidelity link, it’s not something to be condoned in real-life, yet it seemed to work well with the story.

As I say, enjoyed this one very much, a great, easy read that I have no regrets purchasing.

Two books I’d like your feedback on please

1. The Innocent – Ian Mcewan

2. Life Class – Pat Barker


5 thoughts on “The French Gardener – Book review and a couple more

  1. hedgehog118

    Very good read, the kind of book you look forward to getting back at, more so I think because I have had a rest from him for awhile, I might take a look at The innocent …Ian Mcewan …Happy Reading

  2. hedgehog118

    I have read your review of The French Gardener, would you say that it is a woman’s book or a good read for any one ? Ken Follett can be a little heavy some times, I am curious because I have just finished a book called, The Gods of Guilt …Michael Connelly one of my most readable Authors, I do like a variety of book not sure whether to go for another one of Connelly’s

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