What makes us human

Weekly I download Jeremy Vines’s podcast regarding What makes us human?, and thoroughly enjoy listening to how the diverse bunch of folk invited to explore this, first read an essay on said question, and then subject themselves to interview.

Each week you’re never quite sure of what will be presented by either a celeb or academic, but what you are assured of, is that nobody ever has the same response.

This morning then I started thinking about the question and wondered if it is as simple as the need to wear underwear and clothes to conceal ones modesty, or does it come down to brain, speech and the use of our thumbs?  Or is there the romantic out there who considers the art of love, whether it be found via sharing and or receiving?

What do you think?



2 thoughts on “What makes us human

  1. Part of being human is the (mis-) use of advanced reasoning, and of sophisticated forms of communication. These are programmed in from early childhood, as is the ‘need’ to protect modesty – the latter is a conditioned reflex and not a natural urge.

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