A Good Wife and labour simulation

I’m very excited to be shortly revealing the cover to my new novel “A Good Wife”

And so in keeping with this, I started thinking about what constitutes  a good wife.

I guess it’s changed a lot over the generations, with I would hope current wives having (culture dependent) equal independence, income, freedom of speech, career etc, as their husbands/partners.

The only thing we’ve not got right yet is childbirth. And as a mummy/parent, I have to say I wish we could share that bloody job too!   On that note, have you watched any of  labour simulation videos available in cyberspace?  If you haven’t, it shows a man in a device that simulates birth. And once again as a mummy/parent I would be lying if I said I didn’t find it to be HILARIOUS!

But back to being a good wife then. Does this mean, good as in does as she’s told or else, will have sex whenever I want it whether she wants or not, won’t eat supper until I get home from the pub no matter what time I get in, let’s me do as I please as long as she’s got cash to splash, or good as in, wonderful to share my life with, has my back, couldn’t be without her? Id like to think the latter, however would argue not for all.

Would be interested in what you think . . .


This is me, about to become a good wife  – of the latter type.


18 thoughts on “A Good Wife and labour simulation

  1. in our house plus one has commented i am generally out later and longer and consequently do less of the cleaning so i suppose it all depends on what a ‘good wife’ is meant to do

  2. I haven’t ever fully recovered from the beating after trying to measure my Missus for an ironing board so I prefer to keep ‘mum’ on the entire issue of good wife.
    Sorry … have to go the wife is about to feed my late lunch to the dogs.
    Coming dear!

  3. hedgehog118

    The Good Wife……nearly all times they will look after there men folk……Men don’t always realize what is going on until they get much older……if you let the good wife have most of the say around the house regarding furnishing and decor they are well happy……Hence the saying If the Wife his happy the house is Happy ……Footnote…. the ladies don’t always know that the man has sussed it all out ……Because he has become a Good Husband

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