the neighbours came for supper and boils on the bum

We’ve been in our house for over 2 years now, and finally we had the neighbours round for supper last night. When I say neighbours, I mean, those on each side of us, one across the road, and one more from two up on the left, or is it the right? Wherever, whatever, she was with us.

There were 4 in total, 3 single ladies and 1 married – although married neighbour came alone as her hubby works away from home often. Each of these ladies settles on the older side, and all 4 are/were positively entertaining. Hubby being the only male was on duty to serve drinks and tend the braai – well done hubster, you did a good job, no burnt sausage this time. So then, we chatted up a storm, drank rather a lot of wine, and enjoyed some pretty darn good food, if I don’t mind saying so myself. Midnight was closing in when they left, and what a pleasure for all not to have far to go.

I feel a bit odd about mentioning age, because it doesn’t really matter what age anybody is; I only do it to help set the scene a little. For instance if I told you I went with the neighbours clubbing, you’d find it far more interesting visualsing your own interpretation of older ladies hitting the high-life. Some of you would have them knitting at the bar, while some of you would have them as mutton dressed as lamb. And other’s would have them in their flat comfortable shoes doing the hokey-cokey on the dance floor. I can assure you none of these examples apply to my neighbours mind.

Be that as it may, my neighbours are all lovely. And as far as street community goes, they are quite some of the nicest neighbours we’ve ever had, and having moved many a time I can say this with great confidence. Actually, quite a few of our neighbours have been really good to live next to. But of course there are exceptions, with 2 lots from previous homes who were just plain n-a-s-t-y. Both didn’t like our dogs, and both didn’t have dogs. Bully to them, I say, while I can’t hope wishing they have boils on their bums this weekend.

How could you not love this little chap?

travis smiling 2


17 thoughts on “the neighbours came for supper and boils on the bum

  1. It sound like a very nice neighbourhood with the ladies accepting your invitation.
    It’s good to know your neighbours, especially in this day and age with so much crime. I hope you took each other’s phone numbers.

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