Now I’m not going to disclose who this is, but there is somebody in my immediate circle who has taken to wearing his underpants inside out. Yes, mind boggling. No, he’s not lost his marbles. The reason for the flip-side then . . . they are softer that way round. HUH!

A dear friend suggested wearing a thong. Nameless-flip-side-underpants-man pursed his lips, followed by his butt cheeks and I swear his eyes brimmed with tears.

I’ve racked my brain to think of something I do that could match this, but honestly can’t think of anything that quite comes close. There again, would I have the nerve to share it with you? Actually, yes I probably would.

So what do you do that is a little, shall we say . . . bonkers?

Coffee anyone?


Photo: mine


19 thoughts on “Flip-Side-Underpants

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  2. Sounds quite reasonable, to tell the truth. You should only be concerned if he starts to wear them on his head.

    I don’t do anything ( purposely ) that would be considered bonkers but I have a habit of falling off of or into things when I garden. My daughter says put a spade or trowel in my hands and I mutter. They’re lying of course.

  3. Hahaha – I’m not laughing at your hubby, I mean member of your immediately circle – I am laughing out of guilt. I do the same thing, with undies and vests. I don’t know whose clever idea it was to have seams on the inside of any item of clothing – let alone undies.

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