Swimming 35 meters in the air as I learn

Hello all,

Input time please if you will. I’ve been blogging for quite some time with WP, and it’s only now that I’m playing around with the different options offered and not doing too well, other than the standard blog and add media etc. I tried for instance to create a Sticky Post, but don’t think it worked. Has anybody used this before? And if so tips please. What’s an aside blog?

I also tried adding a widget by pasting the HTML into the blog, but that didn’t work either. Also tips appreciated.

I’m now going to try out the “insert read more tag” as I have no idea what this does, other than I can see a series of dots across my page and the word MORE in the middle of them. I think this requires you to click to read the rest of my blog, and with that in mind I’m going to add a photo beneath of an amazing swimming pool set between 2 buildings, 35 metres in the air. 

A-ha, so you came to look. Can you imagine how fantastic it would be to swim up there? I wonder if you will be able to hang your arms over the edge, half way, and wave to the folk below? How much fun would that be, splashing from above.


One last thing, can you add a Poll to a blog? I thought I saw the option, but can’t find it now.

thank you in advance for your help



10 thoughts on “Swimming 35 meters in the air as I learn

  1. Polls are a matter of going to PollDaddy and setting it up there, then using the HTML specially formulated for WP to paste into the blog (add post page in HTML setting, not ordinary writing).

  2. Widgets are quite tricky. From the dropdown menu you get from clicking the WP logo top right you choose ‘Media’ then rest the cursor on ‘Appearance’ and then ‘Widgets’ from the popup menu. Then you paste the html in the section to the right.

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