Creating a fictitous home

The wonderful thing about writing is having the chance to make things up!

With that in mind, below is the tourist info for the fictitous village where Gloria goes to live in A Good Wife.

I would be interested to know if it sounds at all like somewhere you have visited, or live.


Photo: mine

Kreef Bay Tourist Information 

Kreef translation: Crayfish

Welcome to Kreef Bay, an idyllic West Coast fishing village located 174km from Cape Town. Home to The Blue House restaurant, found along the pristine 11km white sandy beach, where good food can be enjoyed as the sea laps towards the deck. On Saturday mornings, watch as the local fishermen bring in their colourful, shell-encrusted boats, seagulls hovering, demanding a share of the prized catch.

Population: 1322

Local School: Kreef Bay Junior

Notable persons: Gert van der Stel – founding member of Kreef Bay 1703

Tourism Contact: Josie Smit –

cover for smashwords

Cover image: Kim O’Hanlon and Shutterstock


11 thoughts on “Creating a fictitous home

  1. Khaya Ronkainen

    It certainly sounds like an ideal place to live. The population number though could be both a blessing and curse, that is, few people and cosy or small-town syndrome woes:-)

    1. you are bang on the money 🙂 we’ve been there a few times and I love it. I was going to use the name Paternoster as Gloria’s village, but then realised I couldn’t make as much up as I needed to.

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