National dog and burger day

Did you know this week had 2 amazing days to celebrate? I didn’t, but here goes, National Dog Day and National Burger Day!

Whoa, what a great idea.

I’ve lived with a few doggies over the years:

Midge – a Jack Russel when we were kids

Tabasco and Tequila – 2 dobermans with hubby

Travis and Mutley – with hubby. Travis was a Jack Russel, but really couldn’t have been, he was so big. And Mutley is a X Jack Russel/Corgi.

Mutley is our last boy. He’s 12 now and has taken to eating his foot! And that despite the enourmous amount of treats we give him.

As to burgers, eaten a fair few over the years.

How are you doing on the Doggie’s and Burgers?


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