Bought some reading

I went to a dinner on Saturday evening that formed part of the Cape Town Open Book Festival. It was a charity event raising funds for a reading project in Zimbabwe. There was a whole host of authors there, moving from table to table as the courses changed. I was chuffed to be sitting at Deon Meyer’s table for the first course. Nice guy.

Went home with these 3 books, plus a freebie, the La Motte recipe book.

Anybody read any of them yet? Will let you know how they read

mike nicol deon meyer ikarus petina-gappah-The-Book-of-Memory-draft-jkt


11 thoughts on “Bought some reading

      1. Soory. I will ad that I am funding The Long Earth is luke warm at best. Certainly not as good as Luke Skywalker.
        Maybe collaborations are not such a good idea?
        If you want to try out Terry P. maybe begin with Wyrd Sisters or Witches Abroad?
        I thought these two were hilarious – and I like to pick them up and read again every now and then. They are very easy to read and to my mind, Terry Pratchett had begun to get into his stride with these. You can then shuffle back if you like them then afterwards gradually work your way forward!

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