Now what is this thing called Feminazi? Must admit I’d not heard of it until about a week ago when a lady solicitor in the UK was labelled as such, after outing a man for complementing her picture on LinkedIn.

She claimed all sorts of things, inappropriate, sexist etc. However, what she failed to remember, I understand, is that she too has left flattering comments on images of both men and women of whom she barely knows. Does this not smack of I can do, but don’t you dare?

Said lady solicitor received a huge backlash and was subsequently labelled a Feminazi. She in turn claimed her career was ruined over this. Are we seeing sour grapes? Possibly, maybe not. What I do think is she was rather silly and should have yawned the compliment off. If the man in question pursued her, then a nice official letter telling him where to park himself would have sufficed.

I like to think of myself as a bit of a feminist, certainly not radical, but equally certainly pro-women’s rights. That said, if any women feels they would prefer to be a homemaker, then I salute them and say good for you, go for it. A choice is a choice, and who am I to tell you or anybody else that they are wrong? Correct a nobody.

So I went searching on the WWW and found this:

Definition of FEMINAZI

usually disparaging

:  an extreme or militant feminist
On Urban Dictionary, they sum it up like this:

A feminazi is a sexist. A feminist is a supporter of womens’ rights.

Old Urban say a lot more too, I hasten to add.

In closing I ask then, is she or isn’t she? Read more here: Dailymail

Here she is, photo source: Dailymail



4 thoughts on “Feminazi?

  1. There are definitely fine lines between feminism and standing up for our rights. I think there’s a way to go about it, and the negative attention doesn’t help our case. But attention can be attention. Kill them with class and success .

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