Running for chocolate, now there’s an idea

I’m not a runner. Never have been, never will be. At school, my PE teacher made comment around the lack of times I had actually participated in the class. Faced with this nowadays, my eyes would roll as I suggest she look at my feet and form her own opinion, which incidentally should take note of said feet not feeling the need to move faster than a leisurely walk – unless there’s chocolate involved, of course. On that, the 100 meter record would be mine any day if a Terry’s Chocolate Orange was on the finishing line. Who cares about a gold medal and a bunch of flowers, give me the sweet stuff and get out of my way.

OK, I should be more fair, I did play hockey once, maybe three times, bounced on the trampoline a couple of times, and reluctantly plodded around the track at Junior school when teams were being picked for sports day. Those who know me may well say I did more, but my defense mechanism of blocking out anything unpleasant can’t recall any more than that!

Suffice to say there are no medals in my cabinet, nor empty spaces gathering dust where trophies should be placed.

Bearing in mind the above, you can well believe my hubby rolling his eyes yesterday when I announced my participation in a 10km run in two weeks time. And bearing in mind my own acceptance of being a non-sporty-do-me-a-favour-let-me-watch-on-the-tv attitude, you may well be surprised to learn my shoulders rose,  my brow frowned and displeasure at his response was voiced.

“How dare you suggest I’ll be out there longer than 3 hours,” I said.

He backtracked. “Well, maybe 2.”

I’ll not be telling him this, but my retort was well laced with panic. What the heck was I thinking! 10 km without a car? Do I know how far that is to walk/run? That’s a long way. A very, very long way.

So this morning, at my desk, I checked my entry details for a get-out-of-this-you-idiot-clause. Relief flooded. My registered distance is 5 kms not 10 . That should be easy . . . shouldn’t it?

14 thoughts on “Running for chocolate, now there’s an idea

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  2. One of my friends once posted something on FB saying: “I don’t run – if you see me running; you must run, too!” I also don’t enjoy running! …. good luck with the race!

  3. Well 5 km definitely sounds better than 10. I was also the despair of Miss Harness our sadistic, horsey-faced games mistress. She couldn’t get over the fact that with my long legs, I wasn’t willing to enter the high and long jump events, and preferred to walk rather than run in order to maybe or most likely not, hit the dreaded hockey ball. Good luck with the ‘fun’ run, and make sure you have a Terry’s Chocolate Orange waiting at home to help you recover from the indignity. 🙂

  4. Aha! Yeah, easy peasy. I ran three Comrades and more marathons than I can recall off hand. But I started on a 702 ”fun run” around Bez Valley in Jo’burg. If you’ve never done this before take it easy, get decent takkies and make your husband do it too – for his cheek! Oh, and have fun.

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