Safety at home

Bumped into my neighbour last night and she certainly had my jaw dropping.

This past Tuesday around 7am, her one dog was barking up a storm in the garden. Being a good neighbour, out she went to see what was going on, and to quiet said doggie down.

As she arrives, what did she find? Unbelievably, her neighbour (to the rear) climbing over the wall, shouting at her about the dog barking. Now excuse me, that is not on. You just don’t go climbing into a property like that. Normal folk would go the front door and have a conversation.

Maybe I shouldn’t have said this to her, but I suggested that maybe it wasn’t the neighbour after all. Both hubby and I said that regardless of who he was, it really needed to be reported to the police, especially as she had a feeling that nut-case-neighbour was going to poison her doggie. Perhaps she was over thinking this, I don’t know. But it does raise the question of what he was going to do once in her garden.

Puts you a little on edge it does.


11 thoughts on “Safety at home

  1. That is scary and doesn’t make much sense. Sounds like the dog only started barking because there was a guy climbing over the wall. Most people wouldn’t dare climb into a garden if there was an irate dog waiting for them. The Rottweiler we used to have would have their guts for garters. I once caught a guy half way over my 2 m high gate. He gave me some cock and bull story about visiting Gladys the maid. He hadn’t rung the bell, and I didn’t have a maid.

    1. the awful thing is that we trust so quickly. Or at least my neighbour did. But I have to agree with you about guts for garters, what on earth would have happened if it was a neighbour and he ended up ravaged, who would be to blame. The poor dog would lose it’s life despite protecting it’s owner.

  2. She MUST report it, or at least go and knock on the neighbour’s door and confirm it was him?
    As for the dog poisoning.
    Well, we know only too well this goes on out here.

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