Stick an onion in your ear and put your bottom in the air

Have you ever heard of these remedies for Tinnitus?

I’ve been busy looking for a remedy for the constant ringing in my ears and decided to do as you do and google them. Was mighty surprised to come up with these two.

  1. Raise your bottom in the air

Being a newbie to Yoga, I looked first for a pose that would help, and came across this one. Well I’m not sure how this will assist the old ears, but if I could get my knees in that position I would certainly give it a whirl. The fact I may end up with a slipped disc or need traction for week is neither here nor they, at least the ringing could have gone.


2. Stick an onion in your ear.


Well this one is certainly easier, but as to the smell and reaction from those around me, I think the bottom in the air is looking pretty good to me.

So the idea with the onion is to either shove a  piece in your ear, or chop an onion up, cover with boiling water, drain, and then dispense said onion-water into the ear.

onion onion in ear

on the off chance I struggle with these two, anybody have a suggestion that doesn’t involve a pongy food or body contortion?


19 thoughts on “Stick an onion in your ear and put your bottom in the air

  1. Ah, now unfortunately a condition I’m familiar with as the Old Girl has it and I did a bit of research and diagnosed her (as you do) and her doctor was very impressed with my work! ‘Fraid there is no cure or real ameliorating remedy and sticking onions up the whatsits and various are maybe someone having a bit of a laugh at a fairly non laughing matter for most.

      1. it was supposed to be bow-locks as in bollocks, but my kindle wouldn’t allow it! LOL! so much for technology, takes away the ability to say what you want to 🙂

  2. The best one I have heard so far is don’t go to the sort of high altitudes that normally cause it.
    Otherwise try to get a different but harmonising note in the other ear for a spot of variety? Er … why are you picking up that saucepan?

  3. Ioccasuonal have bouts of it. Maybe it’s always there and I;m able to switch off. Though now i have read your post one does tend to focus on it.
    Jeff Beck suffers dreadfully from it, and has cancelled a nu,ber of tours/gifgs when it becomes too unbearable. I suspect the Marshall amps stacked behind him for years never helps.

  4. hedgehog118

    I can’t help there on a remedy, it must be awful that continues noise……On a lighter moment you could park your park in one of the positions……Couldn’t resist

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