Bacon is the devil . . . and much more

Nigel Slater was on the BBC4’s Women’s Hour this week, and my golly did he strike a chord with me. I’m not a full on foodie by any means, but yet I despair at times at what should and shouldn’t be eaten.

I have asked myself if it is time we went back to eating the basics? I’d like to, and I have to admit time is a factor, but then I have to remind myself to  “Get off the couch, you lazy moo.”

Below is some of what he had to say:

‘I am concerned about the current victimisation of food. The apparent need to divide the contents of our plates into heroes and villains. The current villains are sugar and gluten, though it used to be fat, and before that it was salt (and before that it was carbs and … oh, I’ve lose track). It is worth remembering that today’s devil will probably be tomorrow’s angel and vice versa.

Photo: DailyMail – Read what he had to say in full  – DailyMail

The author of ten cookbooks said people should remember how to enjoy making and eating simple food with their families, adding: ‘The very notion of someone being a “foodie” makes me shudder

‘We risk having the life sucked out of our eating by allowing ourselves to be shamed over our food choices. If this escalates, historians many look back on this generation as one in which society’s decision about what to eat was driven by guilt and shame rather than by good taste or pleasure. Well, not on my watch.’

‘This week I think bacon is the devil, last week it was sugar, next week it will be, who knows? 

5 thoughts on “Bacon is the devil . . . and much more

  1. I love bacon, but only have it once a week at the most. It’s really silly to keep demonising different foods. I take no notice and eat what I fancy. I credit myself with enough commonsense to know how much is enough.

    1. yes you have the right attitude there. What gets up my nose though is the likes of Jamie Oliver telling us to eat healthy etc, and then he brings out a book with comfort food, full of loaded fatty meals! all things in moderation I say

  2. hedgehog118

    My thoughts on this are, eat these things in moderation, if you are going to eat Bacon 3 times a day, sit on your bum all day, Hello you are asking for trouble, same with any food, eat what you fancy, which you have to admit can make you feel good, Moderation is the word for today

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