Books and where I am today

I put some thought to  my reading influences, and quite surprised myself  with regards to what I read/have read from childhood to current day. One thing is for sure, I am most certainly not a snobby reader.

Link is below, or click on the photo to see Enid Blyton to Jeffery Archer to Paula Hawkins and more. 🙂





3 thoughts on “Books and where I am today

  1. to be honest i dont think anything you read is necessarily bad. the more you read the ore you realise what is rubbish but whatever got you started is important (relates back to your last post too)

  2. hedgehog118

    Yes you have tried your reading in all varieties, my self I seem to have run on a type of book and then change, at the moment I am reading a book by Marius Gabriel called ….Wish me Good Luck as you wave me Goodbye, Very nice read

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