on a bit of a roll at the moment with books

I’m not sure if there is something in the air, but of late I’ve found myself reading blogs and tweets about inspiring children to read. This prompted me to pen a blog that started with my love of reading as a child, and how I found myself so engrossed I wanted to join the characters. Escapism at it’s best.

My children no longer need me to prompt them towards reading, and oddly I’m not sure if I really did do that for them, which in itself seems daft considering how much I love a good book.

So now I wonder how children are being inspired to read, and how we (society) can make sure they do. Is it as simple as utilising iPads, downloading books instead of apps and games? Or do we remove technology from their lives and put into their hands a book?

Inspiring children to read requires a great teacher. Somebody who makes the book a magical space where anything can happen and usually does





11 thoughts on “on a bit of a roll at the moment with books

  1. I used to love reading to my kids. And they would always get a bedtime story – whether they wanted one or not, dammit!
    A few of those stories became ingrained in the Ark’s Family Culture so deep that we can recite some of the favorites almost by heart, and many one liners as well that get shared over meals or general conversation.

      1. The most popular was( we still have) a book called Bumper Bedtime Stories that I bought at a CNA book sale back in 19 foot sack for 7.99!
        It is full of great stories, including classics such as Stone Soup and characters such as Timbertwig.
        Doing all the voices was also great fun.
        Of course there was also, Alice, Charlie Bucket, Mathilda and others.
        Now and then I would give a book to one of the kids and make them read to me and pretend to fall asleep!
        There were even a few of my own stories which was great fun and it still brings on a grin when my eldest reminds me of characters from those I wrote.

      2. my word, that is amazing. I can’t believe you still have it, it must have been well cherished. Slight tangent here, but have you seen the adult Ladybird books? I’ve not seen, but rather heard about them. Quite intriguing they are

  2. Dream it Alive

    I think technology distracts kids most of the time. I mean sure, if a kid prefers to download his or her books onto their or the family’s tablet. Versus buying it in hardcover or paperback. As long as that kid is reading who cares how? Do we need to as parents and adults encourage kids to do something NOT involving electronics? Yes. Times have changed but the bottom line still stands, a kid’s world should not rotate around electronics.

    1. yes, I agree with you completely. allow technology, but not make it so important that they never reach for anything else. When I was holiday recently I watched a grandparent pushing a child in a pushchair who was playing on an ipad. The child couldn’t have been close to 2. my jaw dropped

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