Iconic Ladybird books for Adults

For the life of me I can’t work out if these Ladybird Books for Adults are really going to be published by Ladybird or not. I’ve checked their website and not found a link, but with the little bug on the top right corner of the book covers, I can’t see why they are not.

Anyway, be that as it may. Have you heard about them?

Image courtesy online Guardian

ladybird for adults

I’m quite amused and intrigued by them. I mean, who wouldn’t want a book on The Hangover, or The Husband, and even The Mid-Life Crisis?  However, my money on the best seller would be the Ladybird Book on Dating. Me thinks many a Christmas stocking will have this one poking from the top this year.

Having not had a peep inside, I can only imagine what this gem will have. “Brush your teeth and not too much perfume.” – “Avoid excess alcohol, better still for the ladies have a spritzer.”  – “Be polite, prepare some casual questions before you arrive, but best avoid politics, religion, ex-partners, step-children, money, food intolerance, latest surgery, miserable colleagues, spotty backs and most importantly bowel movements.”

Not sure if Ladybird would consider a little X-rated tip of “make sure you have clean undies on because you never know how well the evening will go.” But you never know, do you.

First dates are awful aren’t they? Well they used to be for me. Not that I’ve had to endure one for nearly twenty years now. Crikey, that makes me how old, two-hundred-seventy-three?

Having to take the plunge into single-dom once more, there is no doubt in my mind I would revert back to those younger days of blushing, being tongue tied, wearing clothes so tight to show off my curves that it’s impossible to breath, and of course badly applied eye make-up. The one thing I would not revert back to are heels and or strappy shoes. Nope, not happening, My feet need comfort these days. No matter what I’m wearing, my feet demand a wider frontage and small heel. I did tell you I was two-hundred-seventy-three?  I tell you, ball gown, slinky dress, the lot, want to take a photo of me, well best you don’t include the shoes!

Ladybird book for Dating then. Winner or Loser, and what do you hope it would include?


4 thoughts on “Iconic Ladybird books for Adults

  1. The company that made the original Ladybird books no longer exists. The print works was not far from where I live and we used to go on School trips to watch the books being made and to meet the Artists. Some of the original books are very collectable now.

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