Readers Panic 2016

Phew, so many books, so little time.

Home of Jedland

I’ve been looking through the many sites where bloggers have listed the books they will read for 2016. Have to say I am mighty impressed, and applaud all for doing so.

As for me, well I wouldn’t know where to begin with creating a list. My Want to Read shelf on Goodreads is updated every now again, as is my Amazon Wishlist. But list the books to read for a year. Phew, I just couldn’t.

It would be like making a list of what to wear each day for a month. Or what to eat for a week. The mind would shut down.

Readers panic perhaps?


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3 thoughts on “Readers Panic 2016

  1. too organised by half.i’m reading Scarlett now (continuation to Gone With the Wind, not happy its not the same author) and a crappy romance novel with grandmother with stroke thing set ironically in North Carolina (so still in the deep South) simply because they have been on my bookshelf since someone gave them to me at a book sale and now i have travel time to do so!

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