Goodreads readers are not experts

Well there you have it. Ellah Allfrey – literary editor, critic and Booker Prize Judge – has said Goodreads readers are not experts.

She is a fan of Goodreads, but said “. . . the only problem with that kind of a website is that the readers are not experts and you have to go elsewhere to find experts . . .”

If you’d like to hear the entire clip, yon can do so by clicking on the BBC Open Book link HERE

Now I’m sorry, but I do not agree with her regarding Goodreads readers not being experts. And for that matter what makes a reader an expert? Does one have to be an academic, well read, or an elitist of sorts?

Every person who takes the time to read a book in my eyes is a winner, and it matters not what the genre be, or the intellectual level, or anything else for that matter. What counts is a reader takes great joy in reading, and then takes the time to share both objective and subjective reviews, which influence or not, or leave an impression on those who choose to read their reviews.

I say well done to you Goodreads readers.

I salute you!

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11 thoughts on “Goodreads readers are not experts

      1. No. One shouldn’t mock the afflicted, so I let it ride. He also supports Manchester Untied so I am surprised he doesn’t have a well-developed sense of humour.

        Family. What can you do, eh?


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