Barbie got real

Can you believe it, Barbie has had a make-over!  She comes in all different sizes now, curvy, petite, tall and so on and so on.

What do you think?

I can’t help wondering how many little girls will notice the difference. Or will it be more the mummy’s nodding and sighing, and agreeing or not?

Photo – Twitter feed


curvy barbie cover


7 thoughts on “Barbie got real

  1. I think they have the wrong solution. If the Frozen gang have taken over, then the kids of today don’t want realistic – they want fantasy. Original Barbie has become the wrong kind of fantasy, perhaps, but I don’t think that altitude, beam and pigment variations are going to solve the problem.

      1. Although for an amazingly long time Barbie and Ken did fill the fantasy for the ‘then’ generation. Much Better Half used to supplement her income by making really fancy clothes for them, and they sold well.

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