Something for University students to think about

I heard this yesterday, and while it is aimed at US students, it’s hard not to believe it applies to ALL students who think they are OWED an education.

Do yourself a favour and listen to @liz_wheeler, she’s articulate and kept me riveted.

Would be interested to hear what you think, agree or not?

6 thoughts on “Something for University students to think about

  1. It gets the point across, but is rather too polite for the dim bunch who follow the principle of cutting off their noses to spite their faces. Like the idiots who express anger at a train arriving late by torching it, reaching the stage of university hasn’t taught them the fundamental truth that all such action reduces the national wealth and – ultimately – their own.
    The entitlement idea has reached ludicrous proportions. Education, healthcare, housing, water, power, and even food – where does entitlement come in without any contribution to the creation of such facilities? The mentality runs to, ‘If the country/government runs out of money, all it has to do is print some more of it.’

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