Moving on

In just under 6 weeks time, hubster and I will be moving back to the UK. It’s been a long time coming, and after me having lived in South Africa for 35 years, and hubster well over 40, we know we are ready to go.

As I sit at my Cape Town desk this morning, I’ve caught the sun rise, and in doing so have watched the reveal of the mountain, and the varied signs of life as cars and people head to work and school. And all the while I’m reminded of how lucky I am to have this spot next to the window, and how magical it is to watch the day dawn. And just as valuable, how these sightings will soon become memories.

That’s the thing about moving, the farewells, the realisations and the retaining of memories. And with this I find myself pausing often . . . taking a moment to remind myself how this is the last time: I will be seeing this, walking this way, driving my car, greeting my colleagues, going to yoga class, socialising with these people, seeing the bluest of blue skies, and touching the soil of our Cape garden.

Moving on then. A new adventure is ahead, and yet the goodbyes will be oh so very hard.

Table Mountain







20 thoughts on “Moving on

  1. Oh, goodbyes will be hard. We moved to Africa (Zambia initially) for work in mid 1980s and intended to stay for 12 months. It became a journey of 8 years and while we did live in several countries, the farewell to Africa was difficult. Over 20 years later we ended up here in FL on the opposite coast from Sylvia 🙂 and we love it here. But every time work can take me back to Africa, I jump on the opportunity. Good luck with your move, Ruth!

    1. thank you so much. I can relate in part. I came here on a year’s holiday and I find myself thinking I have overstayed my welcome. Africa is a hard place to leave, it remains in your soul

  2. Big move Ruth! Can’t imagine how it must feel but it seems to me that it is prob a now or never thing …wondering if our wonderful politics plays a role in all this? Will continue our online antics!
    All the best with the move and enjoy your last month here- is really beautiful now isn’t it?

  3. Khaya Ronkainen

    I hear you Ruth. Goodbyes are always hard yet hellos to new adventures are exciting. South Africa will always be my home but right now, I’m happy where I am. All the best with the move, and I hope it inspires another book…*hugs*

  4. As a fellow ”Mud-Islander”( been here since ’79 and have of late been thinking along similar lines ) may I ask, Ruth, what has prompted the decision to return to the UK? ( if it’s not too personal)

    1. Hello there. firstly it was always about wanting to head back due to family, but as we’ve got older while this is still so, the thought was around infrastructure here as opposed to there. I’ve always said I would like to retire in the UK, and while I’m not there yet, the thought was to get a good base, be settled and be ready for it. My intent right now will be to return and work, while hubster is retiring for good!

      1. Gotcha. I have family in the UK and Portugal. If we were to leave I suspect the UK would be 2nd Choice.
        Whenever I think of the weather I shudder!

  5. I know how you feel, Ruth. We lived in South Africa for over 40 years although when we moved there from England in 1970, we only intended to stay for a few years at the most. Then family followed us over and so we didn’t like to leave. Finally the time came when it was ‘now or never’, so we made the decision. As things stand at the moment, I don’t think I could ever go back there to live. So sad. Good luck with the packing up and the move. xx What part of England are you going to?

    1. thank you Sylvia, we are very much at that point of now or never. We’re heading to hubsters part of the world initially in Surrey, and will decide from there where is best to settle in. I did think of you when we finally booked our tickets, as you are the only person I know of late who packed up and left. Our packing date is april 5th, but there is hardly anything to take. Looking forward to starting afresh 🙂

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