My husband no longer wears his underpants inside out


underpantsPhoto link

Oh yes, we have progress, hubster no longer wears his underpants inside out. Actually, the only reason I’m telling you this is because he came to me the other day, while I was staring at my laptop and said.

“Are you blogging about me again, and how I no longer wear my underpants inside out?”

Well no, I wasn’t. Although to be fair I did happen to mention this to a number of people when he was wearing them inside out a few months back.

Why oh why would he be doing this, you may be wondering, although why you would I have no idea. But should you be, it seems he was having a problem with the elastic around the leg. Rough it was.  And somehow wearing them inside out made this better? Shakes her head in bewilderment.

As an aside, underpants is a right funny word don’t you think?

The photo above was taken from here. Sadly, err, sorry, I meant to say, the body on show is not the hubsters. However, the site the photo came from is foreign, and I need to add a disclaimer of not being held responsible for the content, should it be rather cheeky, or just darn right rude.

Apart from the hubsters undies, he has been on topic a few times.At first it was on the hush-hush, and has evolved to the point where he rather likes it.

He has been amusing over the years mind . . . and occasionally not. His reference to a Whale and me was not so funny.

A Gift he gave me was not so funny.

These were funny though. A walk in the forest . A garage door with flapping gown and bare legs had me more than smiling, and then we had another walk in the forest where he fell and I thought it was a proposal

Got to love him, underpants inside out or not



7 thoughts on “My husband no longer wears his underpants inside out

    1. well it seems the rough elastic was irritating the inside of this leg. I suggested they were so threadbare that maybe that was the problem. He was miffed and continued with them inside out

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