Dear Madonna

Dear Madonna,

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Let’s be blunt here,  I know you’re in the middle of a custody battle, which must be a nightmare, but why oh why have you not shown your son how important he is to you by shutting down your tour to be in London with him?

Surely falling apart on the stage and maintaining a dialouge on Twitter can’t be the way to go, nor be doing you a whole lot of good?  And why you need to stand on a stage to call out to your son is beyond me. Pick up the phone, send him an email, but keep it between the two of you.

Parents sacrifice a lot for their children, children shouldn’t sacrifice for them. And if that means your bank balance is compromised, I think you’ll cope. Baked beans on toast will not be the main meal of the day for you.

Pull yourself towards yourself and do the right thing.





4 thoughts on “Dear Madonna

  1. I can’t believe I’m about to defend Madonna, who I generally cannot stand, but pulling out of a tour last minute can be legally impossible and insurance may not cover it unless you break at least 3 bones in different places. It will at least land you in court with the promoter.
    Still, at least I can go now and be horrible to someone I like without feeling guilty.

    1. I hear here you, but I dunno, she has a few days off, has private jets etc, she could make a plan somehow. I think I just find her public antics over this custody problem to be really tasteless. I’m all for generating publicity, just not using your kids as pawns.

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