A Vintage Wedding – Katie Fforde

vintage wedding

Easy to read book when you are looking for fluff and fun. I only give it a 2 star because it didn’t keep me enthralled, and sadly there were pages I didn’t even read.

This was my first Katie Fforde, and probably the style of book I would have read years ago.  The boy meets girl, they all live happily ever after scenario. I’m certainly not rubbishing this style of book, rather that it isn’t really for me these days.

Premise of the book. Three women meet in their local community hall, where a meeting is being held to find funds to repair the hall. They quickly bond, and subsequently decide the hall would be a great wedding venue for Beth’s sister, which in turn sparks the creation of their Vintage Wedding business. The repairs and new business spark a series of events and eventual falling in love.

Katie Fforde touches lightly on OCD, but it’s not really a huge part, and to be honest I kind of thought, Hello, that could be me!


9 thoughts on “A Vintage Wedding – Katie Fforde

  1. cocoaupnorth

    I totally agree with your review and rating. I’m currently reading this book; it doesn’t require much thinking – just perfect for a lazy and holiday read. 🙂

  2. so beth’s sister or something comes to help out and meets her man (sigh) if only life were that simple. have a similar book destined for the charity shop. got it in a lucky dip selection but cannot take the thing seriously although it wasnt badly written grammatically or stylistically!

  3. The light frothy stuff is none the less pleasant for tasting exactly as one expects it to, but in such books the difference in adequate and excellent writing is if one comes to the expected ending not only satisfied, but with regret at coming to the end of such a fun ride.

  4. I’ve never read any of her books, but this sounds quite fun and maybe good to read on a plane journey. I’ve also had books where some pages go unread whilst I skip through to get the general gist of the plot. 😀

  5. I used to read all her books… Definitely an easy read.
    However, all her stories have the same plot.
    Single woman in a rut meets difficult but handsome man.
    Then they fall in love!
    Still. If you’re looking for simple reading pleasure… Then it’s fine… No thinking required!

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