I will miss

Funny thing about moving and or leaving a home, job or country, is how you start to notice the things you will miss. I’m not talking family here, but rather the smaller things that you nurture and enjoy. Take these roses for instance. Hubster and I have wanted climbing roses in our garden for about 285 years, and finally this past summer we got them. They were brief, but quite spectacular nonetheless.

Sure we’ll have them again, but they’ll never beat these beauties in our Cape Town garden.








4 thoughts on “I will miss

  1. hedgehog118

    Yes that’s tough move you are making, Capetown is one lovely place, having said that there are many lovely places in the UK, with the summer just round the corner when you arrive you are going to be fine……You might well be surprised about the Roses, If we don’t get to much rain on them they stay lovely…..Stay Bright

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