5 things I’ve re-learnt since arriving back in the UK

  1. It may be Spring, however . . .  that doesn’t mean it is warm, dry or bright
  2. People are very polite – I can’t get used to cars and walkers pausing to let you pass. And make a call and they always end with a “take care of yourself” or “nice talking to you.”
  3. No matter how long ago it was you may have left the UK, there is still a record of you via your NI number
  4. If you have no car insurance you will struggle to get it, and when you do you will pay the premium of a 17 year old – seriously costly
  5. Funniest one yet – always having to remember to take your shoes off when you enter a house, even when you are house hunting – note to self: don’t wear threadbare or even worse socks with holes – not that I do!

14 thoughts on “5 things I’ve re-learnt since arriving back in the UK

  1. I had number 4 happening here in the US when we arrived. Despite driving and having international insurance with good driving bonuses, the bill 20 years ago was 3 times what I pay now. Good luck with house hunting!

  2. None of our relatives are fussy about the shoes. We just wipe our feet well on the mat. I think the weather would be the hardest thing to get used to. Happy house hunting and take care of yourself, Ruth. 😀

  3. I’d almost forgotten you had already left ”our” shores.

    I must admit , I read this post with a mixture of homesickness and ”scared to death”, ( the thought of possibly moving back one day ) remembering that, when I left and finally settled here it felt like all ties would eventually be severed.

    My mother has oft said I wouldn’t recognise the place and I am inclined to believe she is probably right.

    That said, I can only wish you all the very, very best , Ruth.

    1. Hello, well I can let you know it has changed a lot, but the feeling of being here hasn’t. The endless paperwork and learning how “things” work is quite eye-opening, and we find ourselves head down, ploughing through. One thing that does not change as mentioned is the weather. Blooming chilly it is 🙂

      1. I suspected as much.
        *Sigh* Yes, the weather.

        It’s a bright and warm late autumnal morning ( 11:3o) here in Jo’burg.

        Once you have your UK bearings and stocked up on thermal undies and thick socks, I expect to be regaled with Tales From Mud Island.
        And perhaps you could include some
        (‘street’) photos too? That would be fun?


        Once again, all the best to you and hubby.

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