“Mr Bolt, you may have inspired us to have a go at the old 100m”

Hubster and I have been glued to the London IAAF, mostly drawn by the great Usain Bolt, but also because we really, really love watching it.


(picture borrowed from: http://uk.businessinsider.com/usain-bolt-final-race-2017-8?r=US&IR=T)

Hubster in particular really, really gets involved, to the point his body reacts to every jump, fling, run, leap, splat, throw and dash he sees. I swear he has his own seated athletics championship as his head nods faster and faster as each and every athlete begins and partakes, only for his legs and arms to start flinching and reacting, until the ultimate final moment when his whole body practically levitates inches off the safety of the couch, gliding him over the finish line, landing him in the sand pit, navigating him over the hurdles and, of course, launching him over the pole vault.

Me, well I sit there anticipating a hasty retreat should he decide the old hammer throw is something to partake in.

Anyway, as to the 100m dash. So, I said to the hubster, how about we have a go at that 100m dash? How fast do you reckon you could do it? And how big is our garden?

Hubster feels he could do it, albeit a little slower than the Master Bolt himself. I tend to agree for he is a bit of a runner. Won prizes too. The best ever being a Pyrex casserole dish that who knows how many subsequent meals it served.

rob 1961Hubster taking hold of his casserole dish

The garden though he feels is probably only about 10m in length. When I was sharing the distance with a colleague, she remarked the turn would greatly reduce our time.  You will no doubt agree this could add valuable seconds to the dash.

Me, well I think I’ll have trouble with not only the turn, but also getting out of any blocks we may use.  Or if no blocks, then purely moving quickly will be the problem. My feet are bordering on the flat side.

Ah, I said, then. How about we take this 100m dash of the property and do it on the field behind our house?  Hubster had a nervous laugh. I presume as the field, while very, very large, is surrounded with lights and houses. Perhaps he could be persuaded to think the lights and potential spectators would provide a feel of being in a stadium? Hmm, I’m not convinced, he gets a little embarrassed dancing with me in the kitchen.

To run or not to run then. We will see, we will see. Rest assured if we do, you’ll be the first to know.




6 thoughts on ““Mr Bolt, you may have inspired us to have a go at the old 100m”

  1. hedgehog118

    What a pleasant Read that was…….One bit of advice
    when going to the field behind the house wait till it
    gets dark and then run like hell

  2. Just takes the proper incentive.
    1.Take up position at the other side of the field (leave all intervening gates and doors open).
    2. Take a tablespoon full of castor oil.
    3. Take the stopwatch time.

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