Freedom of speech, with respect!

Hello there,

seems a blog of mine from some time ago has within the last 24 hours garnered some trolling.

As a rule, I don’t take down any comments, believing that by blogging you put yourself out there and, take the good with the bad. However, and this is a BIG however, I draw the line at visitors deliberately leaving spiteful comments/replies to those who have previously commented and visited. Therefore I have removed the spite (left by a single individual), which had no other purpose other than to be mean and nasty. At the same time, I send an apology to those of you who indirectly received it too.





3 thoughts on “Freedom of speech, with respect!

  1. My policy is to leave such comments, but to come out in support of the person picked on. If, that is, anything more than the spiteful comment itself is needed to hold the author up to ridicule and contempt. Generally such commenters do quite a good job of digging their own graves.

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