fifteen minutes before I leave for work

30th July 2018 – it be Monday

Writers Block – write anything, just write you dummy

That’s all I have, fifteen minutes to put something down on this blank page. No idea where to start. No idea what to say. How about I think about what work is going to be?

Hmmm, well, it’s a 2pm-10pm shift. Quite a change for me. And that’s an office position too. I never really associated late shifts with office work before. Have you? Office hours have always been 8-4 or 9-5. Where is Dolly Parton when I need her.


If my mind is correct we have an outdoor meeting between 2 and 3.  Up the road at a pondy sort of place. Is pondy even a word? Who knows, leaving me only to hope the context is correct for this blog.  Of course, the weather is not playing along, after endless and long days of heat and blue sky, so today we return to grey, damp and blegh. Reason for the meeting? Colleague leaving tomorrow. She’s fluent in French, going to Uni in France to study Spanish. Go figure!

Do you know I actively save every kind of flying creature and, crawling ones too? Flies the lot. Shew them out through doors and windows, urging them to “come along, out you go.” Hubster smiles and rolls his eyes, and will take over shewing if I’m dashing out the door.

Ok, that’s it. 15 minutes almost up.

Just enough time to add tags and categories and publish. Feeling content I’ve done it.

One last thing. Not sure who the killer will be on Unforgotten. Loads of red herrings there.





5 thoughts on “fifteen minutes before I leave for work

  1. What weird working hours for an office job! Too early for me, though. Like Burlington Bertie, I rise at ten thirty.
    I am selective about insects I save from the pool. Recently I have been seen wandering around holding out a finger on which was perched (a) a bee and (b) a butterfly and (c) a beetle. I don’t do flies or wasps or spiders.

    1. so there are fellow savers out there, we should start a club. my goodness, I wonder if I will ever be able to rise at 10.30. My internal clock has me up and about early all the time, thanks for popping by

  2. nelcapetown

    Hey Ruth!

    Long time. I liked your 15 minute quick notes. I also started journaling, but keep mine behind several layers of encryption and passwords. Strictly for my eyes only. But very therapeutic.

    I take it from your writing that Unforgotten is worth watching. Will definitely give it a go.

    Regards to the “hubster.”

    1. Hello Nel, thanks for popping in. Yes, I know what you mean about journalling, mostly it stays off line and for my eyes only! Unforgotten is on it’s 3rd series here and I really enjoy it. Hope you are well and enjoying your job, away from UCS or is it BCX or something else these days.

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