Another grabbed fifteen minutes

OK, fifteen minutes before I head downstairs to boil the kettle for coffee and a little snack. Today the snack will be a mini Tesco Bounty kind of a bar. My Dad told me about these and they have become a welcome addition to my cupboard, not so welcome on the thighs. But hey-ho, they are small and coconut is healthy. Isn’t it?


tesco bounty

Well the pondy meeting didn’t happen yesterday. Weather got in the way. Today, however, it is pretty darn good – you can tell I’m English, talking about the weather gives it away – and so this morning I headed down to town, on foot, leaving the hubster to some peace and quiet and several large boxes of stamps. Suggested he does a darn good rummage through and by the time I get back to have a wonderful find of a real gem of a stamp that will skyrocket us into gazzilionaire status.  Suffice to say, he is yet to find it.

Yesterday I shared how I save flies and bees and spiders etc. Today my share is not liking the colour ORANGE. No idea why. Just not all that fond of it.



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