Fifteen minutes grabber

Ok, today I’ve written some stuff here for 3 minutes and deleted it all. It was about dogs.

My best writing thoughts come when I’m away from the keyboard, have no notepaper to jot down, or the time and place is not great to pull out a pen and start scribbling. Actually, mostly everything arrives when I’m almost asleep, or just waking up. Then it’s much a case of telling myself, “that’s a good ‘un. Make sure you get that down when you are up.”

Get up is fine. Jot it down is not.

robin on fence

photo source

Today the hubster has taken delivery of some posts and fencing. His chest has expanded with joy and pride and for the next few days, he will be grubby and extremely happy.

He decided we needed a fence between us and the neighbours. Not because they are miserable old bats or anything, he just wanted to put it up and grow something up it. I’m internalising that really it was about wanting a man project. Something that entails several trips to the hardware shop for tools not needed, but nevertheless will look rather nice in the back of a cupboard, for just in case.

Back to the growing part, really hoping this will not be tomatoes or beans or anything edible. Because as I will be parking next to this here fence, I’m anticipating hubster will be painting a white line my wheels are not to cross over. And quite possibly he will find some or other contraption to monitor exhaust fumes and, spend far too much time attempting to persuade me to park three streets away.

Posts and fences have been here for about 30mins, and already the drill is buzzing.

Times up.



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