Gloria’s Lemon Creams

Gloria in A Good Wife, loves Lemon Creams. Her story starts with her facing a packet of her fancies, hidden in her drawer to stop her eating them. I’m not an enourmous fan of them myself, preferring a custard cream instead.

As children my parents were very, very strict about the biscuit barrel. The rule was 2 a day, one fancy and one plain. Now this was good if there were Custard Creams because then I could believe I had 3 by pulling the CC apart. Incidentally my siblings and I never, ever forget this rule, and I have yet to return to the UK for a family visit when one of us doesn’t make mention of this.  If I told you how old we all are now, you’d be shaking your heads and muttering that by now we should be over it! Hahahaha, not likely!


Photo: Bakers

Chocolate Digestives now these little discs are one of my favourites. Given the chance I could eat a packet and a half in one sitting.


Photo: Mcvities

What’s your fancy?  And do you dunk?

3 thoughts on “Gloria’s Lemon Creams

  1. “I could believe I had 3 by pulling the CC apart. ” – Snap!
    No, not a dunker I believe in complete apartheid where biscuits and tea are concerned (if we can consider cookies and tea as a race of course) – anyway I digress.
    Haven’t done biscuits for a while, been disappointed in their quality of late (burnt bits, stale, grease marks on Rich Tea) so gave them up.

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