15 minutes with a Nun in Newport Pagnell

nun driving

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So, there I was last week. Heading home from work. Took the back route that would lead me along winding, leafy, country roads. The type that has me sucking in air as I belt around a bend only to find myself swinging the steering wheel so my tyres touch gravel, and my paintwork takes on scratches as a gigantic 4×4 – actually I think it was a mini – on that note, MINI! who are they kidding? They are beasts. Certainly a vehicle on steroids. As I was saying a 4×4, err Mini, crosses my lane.

Back to the Nun. Well before I thrashed my way through the home counties there was a need to navigate Newport Pagnell’s High Street and its several roundabouts – circles to my SA friends. I digress once more. Is there anywhere in the solar system with more roundabouts/circles than Milton Keynes and any other town/village within a 10-mile radius?  Focus, Ruth. Newport Pagnell – home of amazing Aston Martin – High Street. Right, so about halfway up the street, my lovely Google Maps announces.

“Take the first exit at the roundabout and continue straight.” Perfect.

At said roundabout/circle I pause and give way to a sparkling, clean car, driven by a Nun, who from sight I would guess be around her 134th birthday marker. Seated next to her is also an elderly lady, not quite so old – I’m guessing about 127? Or thereabouts. Said Nun with a bestie in a smart hat at her side, inches sparkling car across the roundabout, completely forgetting the need to turn the steering wheel while keeping comfortably shoed foot on the accelerator until literally the last minute when she came practically to a halt, and I swear her next move would require a 3-point-turn.

I winced, and then cheered for Nunny to keep on moving that car, and all but got out with a mind to suggesting I complete the roundabout/circle for her. Suffice to say, divine intervention, or at least a little twitch of the hands on the steering wheel, and a flick of a foot to a pedal, and she was off and away.

And there endeth my tale of a Nun in Newport Pagnell.


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15 minutes with Facebook/social media and employment/life

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This past weekend I was interested to learn how a young lady is about to take up a teaching position and how her prospective employer wanted visibility of her Social Media – in this case, Facebook – before they would honour the offer.

Prior to her providing access – as in removing her privacy settings – she was asked to remove all photos, images, comments, opinions, in fact, anything that could in some way, I suppose, offer an insight into her personality, likes, dislikes, her life basically. And which would potentially allow her students and or their families . . . Well, what? Judge, comment, target, troll, stalk, befriend?

I’m a little lost about how to voice my feelings on this. The initial thought being, well who the heck does the employer think they are to be able to request access to privacy, and or almost blackmail you into giving this up, out of fear of getting a job?

Then I ponder, well perhaps they are trying to assist a new employee with navigating their way around students and parents, who can, let’s be fair, be rather demanding and or biased?

Then I think, well isn’t life really sad that we have almost got ourselves to the point where personal opinion, likes, dislikes etc are almost having to be suppressed out of fear of not finding jobs, losing jobs, forming relationships, ending relationships and oh so much more.

But of course, I will agree, there is a part of me that would like to know a little bit more about a person before taking the next step, and therefore a quick Google seems to be the way to go.

All so complicated and open to many points of view, all warranting far more than my 15 minutes worth of writing.



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15 minutes and getting fit in the High Street while boosting the economy


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Two things on my mind right now. First being, time to think about tightening up the relaxed muscle around my middle, and second, how can we boost the High Street once more.

Both are really important in my life.

The flab, err, relaxed muscle is part of ageing I suppose and can be managed to a point without the need of a girdle – she hopes. I have memories of my Nan daily putting on hers until she was of an age that surely they didn’t sell them anymore, let alone make them.

There’s no surprise then to know how resorting to something confined such as Le Girdle, almost has me dieting and exercising 5 hours a day – well, perhaps not that extreme, but you get the idea.

The High Street falling apart makes me sad. What a joy it is, has been, to be able to wander around, window shopping, trying on, thinking, smelling, pondering, stopping for a chat with somebody I bumped into and compulsory taking a few minutes to stop for a coffee. The buzz, the vibe of being within life.  It can’t be beaten.

And also how sad to see retailers and small business being ground to a halt due to online shopping and dare I say a touch of laziness on our part.

With that in mind, I thought of a way of boosting exercise and, the High Street, without even knowing we’re doing it.  Bearing in mind there’s much put about regarding completing 10000 steps a day, why not walk and shop?

Simple. Doesn’t need a whole lot of explaining. In fact, you can get fit, support and enjoy the High Street, and you can boost yourself socially, face to face. And – yet another and – there’s no membership fee nor need to shower afterwards. For those who prefer a big shopping centre, great, even better, all-weather supporting and getting fit – you can’t go wrong.

Am I holier than thou? Not really. Just thinking about ways of achieving two things which are really important to me. Will I do online shopping? Yes I will. But sparingly.  Will I go to the gym. Did you hear the ground shake as I fell off my chair roaring?




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Outrageous – Local District Nurse attacked

I’m at a loss for words. Received this message from a colleague at the local GP surgery where I used to work. For the love of all good, what and why would anybody do this to a person who gives of themselves to help anybody put on this planet – or for that matter anybody in general.

This lovely lady would no doubt have been in full uniform and highly likely on her way to assist a sick person.

I say the attacker was cowardly and a $@%%$%$%$%$%$%*&^*%^!@!

#NHS #WhiteVan #attack #crime

Our district nurse has just reported an awful incident. She was driving up S Lane on Friday and pulled over to let a oncoming white van pass. The driver proceeded to squirt a liquid at her through her open window. It was some type of cleaning fluid. The matter has been reported to the police. Please be aware.