A tribute to Women’s day by the very, very clever and witty Niki Malherbe

Niki Malherbe



At the risk of revealing anything too private about my life (though it must be said that the concept of menopause, at this stage, is entirely mysterious and reserved for a select few whom I seldom meet or have heard much about) or my husband’s penis, I thought it necessary to impart the discussion I had with my gynecologist last week. It reinforced my belief that unless we talk to people and are excited to explore ideas about life, there doesn’t seem much point in it– though even more urgent for me is clearly the need to write about it.

Before I assumed the indescribably humiliating and mortifying position of undergoing a routine check- up with my Dr. when he nonchalantly says, ‘OK let’s take a look’ and…

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Jedland video

Writing a sequel is always fun, especially when you have a character like Jed P Horton.

With that in mind, and to help me as well, I’ve put together a short video of a reading from the beginning of Jedland, along with some happy snappies to set the scene of Jed’s journey

Hope you enjoy

5 things I’ve re-learnt since arriving back in the UK

  1. It may be Spring, however . . .  that doesn’t mean it is warm, dry or bright
  2. People are very polite – I can’t get used to cars and walkers pausing to let you pass. And make a call and they always end with a “take care of yourself” or “nice talking to you.”
  3. No matter how long ago it was you may have left the UK, there is still a record of you via your NI number
  4. If you have no car insurance you will struggle to get it, and when you do you will pay the premium of a 17 year old – seriously costly
  5. Funniest one yet – always having to remember to take your shoes off when you enter a house, even when you are house hunting – note to self: don’t wear threadbare or even worse socks with holes – not that I do!

Caps and being crafty, and Brad Pitt

Something I’m going to do when I get to the UK is a millinery course. There’s quite a nice one at the London College of Fashion, which will give me some basics, and then it will be about exploring and thinking about how I can go forward with this.

Millinery! you may be thinking. Why millinery? Well I like being crafty, and I don’t mind putting hand and foot to the old sewing machine every now and again. Clothes I don’t do, that’s akin to sticking pins in my eyeballs. But accessories I can do.

This will also give me some time away from the writing, and provides the chance to complete something within a few days, as opposed to months and weeks, and even years. Gosh, writing is a long process.

My first hat, probably before I start the course will be a Flat Cap. Odd choice? Not really, I love them, on men and women. And while the usual Tweed is the classic, other fabric could be fun for summer. Floral, check, you name it, you could wear it.

So tell me, what hat or cap would you wear, and what fabric, fun or classic?





I will miss

Funny thing about moving and or leaving a home, job or country, is how you start to notice the things you will miss. I’m not talking family here, but rather the smaller things that you nurture and enjoy. Take these roses for instance. Hubster and I have wanted climbing roses in our garden for about 285 years, and finally this past summer we got them. They were brief, but quite spectacular nonetheless.

Sure we’ll have them again, but they’ll never beat these beauties in our Cape Town garden.







A Vintage Wedding – Katie Fforde

vintage wedding

Easy to read book when you are looking for fluff and fun. I only give it a 2 star because it didn’t keep me enthralled, and sadly there were pages I didn’t even read.

This was my first Katie Fforde, and probably the style of book I would have read years ago.  The boy meets girl, they all live happily ever after scenario. I’m certainly not rubbishing this style of book, rather that it isn’t really for me these days.

Premise of the book. Three women meet in their local community hall, where a meeting is being held to find funds to repair the hall. They quickly bond, and subsequently decide the hall would be a great wedding venue for Beth’s sister, which in turn sparks the creation of their Vintage Wedding business. The repairs and new business spark a series of events and eventual falling in love.

Katie Fforde touches lightly on OCD, but it’s not really a huge part, and to be honest I kind of thought, Hello, that could be me!