Holy camembert and bacon butties, the boys from Oz are back

masterchef 9

(photo: https://tenplay.com.au/channel-ten/masterchef/season-9/episode-1)

Jeepers, watched episode 1 of Masterchef Oz season 9, and holy camembert and bacon butties, are those contestants talented or what. Last contestant up with only an hour to produce a signature dish was Callan Smith. Only 18 years old and you’d swear he shared DNA with Heston Blumenthal. And as for the judges, well they had their aprons blown off with his talent.


(photo: https://tenplay.com.au/channel-ten/masterchef/show-news/meet-the-season-9-hopefuls)

At 18 there was little chance of me frying an egg. Look at this dish. Looks so simple but it isn’t.

Japenese Inspired Salmon with wasabi caviar


(photo: https://tenplay.com.au/channel-ten/masterchef/recipes/japanese-inspired-salmon-tartare)

Callan isn’t the only genius foodie to watch, there were a-plenty.  But he just caught my eye, great personality and a pretty nice guy, who evidently can cook.

Lots to watch, only another 61 episodes. Hubster and I will be watching them all.

Will we be inspired to cook and create wondrous food? Short answer . . . NO



Book Review – Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie: The BiographyHugh Laurie: The Biography by Anthony Bunko

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I was quite disappointed with this read. This was not a good biography at all, with pages and pages dedicated to talking about actors and a few select friends who Hugh Laurie has worked with, and been educated with. His father was mentioned, and I think I learnt more about the senior Mr Laurie than I did his famous son.

This of course raises the question regarding what should be in a bio’s content? Well no need down to minute detail, or sock size, but some kind of background and or reference to inspirational people etc would be a start.

Such a shame as Hugh Laurie is a favourite of mine.Hugh Laurie: The Biography

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