Me and my beautiful girl

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Engaged! Yay!


Thrilled to be able to tell one and all that my youngest daughter, MissWib, got engaged this Easter Sunday

Yay for Wibbles and Juan 🙂


A Vintage Wedding – Katie Fforde

vintage wedding

Easy to read book when you are looking for fluff and fun. I only give it a 2 star because it didn’t keep me enthralled, and sadly there were pages I didn’t even read.

This was my first Katie Fforde, and probably the style of book I would have read years ago.  The boy meets girl, they all live happily ever after scenario. I’m certainly not rubbishing this style of book, rather that it isn’t really for me these days.

Premise of the book. Three women meet in their local community hall, where a meeting is being held to find funds to repair the hall. They quickly bond, and subsequently decide the hall would be a great wedding venue for Beth’s sister, which in turn sparks the creation of their Vintage Wedding business. The repairs and new business spark a series of events and eventual falling in love.

Katie Fforde touches lightly on OCD, but it’s not really a huge part, and to be honest I kind of thought, Hello, that could be me!

Highlight of 2015 retaking our vows



Picking up our buttonholes

Hubster and I have been married for close to 18 years. I say close, because for the life of both of us, neither can ever blooming well remember the year. Although funny story, we lived next door to a couple who were married the same day, same year as us, and thankfully they are on hand to remind us.

During these years I’ve tested him, mostly as he’s been about to hit the slumber button, or better still, arm and knee dip in the garden – no pressure you see 🙂 –  with a “do you think we should get married again?”

It’s a bit of joke for us, and when he is more alert than I realise he says NO! Mostly I get the YES though. Regardless, we have a laugh and move on.

At some point this year after asking and receiving the YES, I said WHEN.

“When we go to the UK in May,” he said.



So we did. The only conditions being, nobody was to know, and only the two of us would be going to church. It was our moment.

I’d set my heart on doing this at The All Saints Church in Leighton Buzzard, where I’d spent most of my childhood.  I sent them an email, and my goodness, they could not have been more accommodating if they had tried. Excitement grew.

All Saints Church that morning


Leaving for the UK then, we had a new frock for me, and a smart suit for Hubster in our cases. We needed only to pick up some buttonholes, and we would be sorted.

Arriving early for our 11am service, we were directed to the church tea room to have a cuppa while we waited. There we sat in our finery, with other tea and cake drinking folk – actually I think there were a fair few fried egg sandwiches, or at least toast happening there – who neither cared, or were intrigued by us and our buttonholes.

Then we were called. Up we went to the chapel, where only Hubster, I and Canon Grant, the delightful, ruddy cheeked, resident Vicar took care of business.

That moment was quite the most special moment I had experienced in a long, long time. There we stood, facing each other, holding hands, taking the plunge once again.

Done and dusted

2015 was a lot of things for me, good, bad and challenging. And yet asked to pick one moment that will mark the year for me, I can honestly say that renewing our vows was the best of the best.

And just in case you were wondering if we went on to celebrate. Well yes we did. Here at The Stag in Mentmore. Prawns, salmon and Bubbles. Perfect in oh so many ways


Lovely view of the village of Mentmore


I think he looks pretty dapper, waiting on the bubbles


All photos mine 🙂