Hundred Foot Journey – What a delight

I can’t believe the Guardian said this about The Hundred Foot Journey:

The Hundred-Foot Journey: cute foodie movie leaves a sour taste

Lasse Hallström’s latest piece of food porn will only be popular among critics looking to ram more metaphors down our throats 

Mirren is condemned to using a French accent that’s as cumbersome to her performance as a sumo fat-suit.

I fear the gentleman reviewing must have watched with a carrot in an orifice that it was surely not intended. For to me this movie was pure delight, filled with mirth and pain.

The food of course is significant, but the heart of the story is about an Indian family living in Mumbai who are forced to uproot and leave after a catastrophic tragedy puts an end to the comfortable lives they were leading.

Out of fear for their safety, the family takes up residence in London where they endure a year of  vegetables with no soul, along with the deafening Heathrow flight path above them. Unable and unwilling to stay, it is into a battered old van they clamber in search of a new start. And having no particular country in mind, it will be the battered old van who will decide their destiny, by quite literally hurtling them into a small French village, where cultures will clash, food is put to the test, and all as an Indian family take up root.

Om Puri, he of East is East and West is West fame, plays the father of many superbly, moving me at times to cheer, smile and despair with him.  To say I was choked when he was faced with allowing his son to grow and move on would be an understatement, I could have hugged the man all night long.

And while Helen Mirren may have lost her French accent occasionally, that didn’t take away from her performance of  a Michelin Star restaurant owner, notably one hundred feet from a new Indian Restaurant.

Yes there is a lot of food, which shouldn’t be surprising when one considers the story is based around two restaurants, but there is oh so much more, which every single person watching with me on Saturday evening in Cavendish would appear to agree with, if the laughter and smiles around me had anything to say about it.

Hubby and I loved it, we came out nodding, agreeing it was really something special. There is no doubt this little gem will be settling in my memory along with the Marigold Hotel.





Should we adopt a dog?

So here we are, contemplating adopting a little dog. Travis, our boy, lost the battle early this year, leaving Mutley alone, and sad.

Phew, it’s a big decision, in more ways than one.  The biggest being our long term plan to be swallows, with a house in SA and house in the UK. Hubby says no problem, we were going to take both our boys to the UK anyway, so we would take a new dog with Mutley instead.

The emotions of this are immense. I visited the SPCA a few weekends ago, and as expected shed many tears when we left. Today hubby went alone and came back with a form to fill in. He has seen a couple of doggies that would suit, now I need to go and visit.  Making a choice will be heartbreaking, I almost need hubby to decide. I know he will do the right thing, he’s good like that with an enourmous heart.

Lots to think about on this bright and beautiful day in Cape Town.

Here’s my boy Travis

travis smiling 2




Movie night with Helen

Thank goodness the weekend is here. A good time to reflect on life.

Good that’s done with, let’s see what I’m up to this weekend then. Not a great deal, but hubby and I could well be going to see The Hundred Foot Journey with Helen Mirren, not actually with her, but with her . . . in it. Looks just up my street, some good humour and a touch of love and drama I would think. Anybody seen it yet?

How’s this conversation I had with hubby this morning,

“Will you love me forever?” (I ask him this everyday as a joke and he falls for it every time by responding with a yes and a will you love me to. My standard reply, NO)

“Only if you stop moaning,” he said

“I only moan to keep you on your toes,” I said. “I’d hate you to drop your standards” (You know sometimes I even think I’m an old cow.)

He puffed a bit, pulled the duvet off and said. “But will you love me forever?”


Have a great weekend everybody



My lovely hubby and I







Out for lunch . . . why not have a look at some houses?

Had a good weekend?

I had a pretty darn good one, headed off to Riebeek Kasteel for lunch with the family, settling down at Bar Bar Black Sheep for a rather lovely fillet poivre, plus a good deal of teasing and laughter.

To make the most of the hour or so drive we deliberately arrived early – albeit a verbal punch-up when navigator hubby had us miss our turnoff – and had a bit of a stroll in the warmth of the sun. For those of you lucky enough to visit this little gem of a place, you’ll know you need to allocate about 15 minutes max for a walk through of the main restaurant/shopping area, bearing in mind dawdling and moving from shop to shop will ramp the time up a bit. As a tip, if you’re not going for lunch, the Royal Hotel is a nice place to sit for tea or a nice long alcoholic beverage on the verandah/stoep while watching the dorp go by.

After a bit of shop dawdling we drifted over to  several estate agents, “just to see the property prices” and my husband did his normal, “you couldn’t live in a place like this, but I could” mantra.

The romantic in me sees the quaint, calm, idyllic life we could have there. A large property, big house, plenty of grass, no need to get up before nine and then only to throw open the windows and listen to the chirruping of the birds.

My normal self on the other hand sees miles from nowhere, bored out of my skull, loads of housework, a need for a sit-on-lawn-mover and a waging war with hubby about the distance to the nearest shopping centre, which will always be the one in Cape Town I am found to frequent – Cavendish, I love you :)

That said, we ate a good meal, strolled back to the old car and left with a proverbial thumbs up to any estate agent in sight

Have a cup of tea and a slice of lemon meringue and tell me about yours


You have got to be kidding me!

Really! Of all the amazing women in the world, GQ awarded Kim Kardashian, oh sorry Kim Kardashian-West with the Woman of the Year award!

I’m so flabbergasted I have to repeat that: Really! Of all the amazing women in the world, GQ awarded Kim Kardashian, oh sorry Kim Kardashian-West with the Woman of the Year award!

Actually, I’m beyond saying anything else other than:  Really! Of all the amazing women in the world, GQ awarded Kim Kardashian, oh sorry Kim Kardashian-West with the Woman of the Year award!

Sorry, I do have something else to say:




For the full story if you feel the need  to read, check it out here REALLY GQ, KIM KARDASHIAN, YOU GAVE HER THE WOMAN OF THE YEAR AWARD?