Moving house woes…

My brain cells are having a rock concert in my head, and if they don’t stop soon I’m going to take a bloody strong dose of codeine-infused pain killers to wipe them out.

Think I mentioned before that we’re moving – 10th March to be exact – and as to be expected everything around this move is now hitting the fan.

  1. builder and plumber at the new house appear to have taken a holiday this week, which means they might not be finished by the time we move in
  2. gate people who promised to meet us on site never pitched and are ignoring all calls
  3. builder or plumber knocked a chunk of plaster from the front garage pillar and chose not to tell us
  4. We lost the only key to the spare room where we have started storing things – lock smith with a fat-smile took R250 of us this morning for a moments worth of work
  5. Beetle and Electric people came and fixed up the relevant points as part of the legal transfer process, only problem is they didn’t fix everything but signed off the work

Added to that lot, both my daughters are moving this coming Tuesday.  The eldest to another suburb, and the youngest from our house to her first flat.  Both need all my attention as eldest is physically disabled and understandably would need.  Youngest on the other hand is very much able bodied but bloody lazy and will never leave unless I move her!

So far youngest daughter has fleeced me of every imaginable electrical appliance known to man, and a kitchen full of groceries that will last roughly 6 months, but she claims are “to get her started.”   She’s even eyeing up my new bed linen and questioned if she can take it with! 

Ah well, I will survive.  At least we’re having a family birthday at Boschendal on Sunday to lift our moods.  Eldest daughter turns 25 and quite rightly needs to celebrate. 

Have a great one everybody, and stay cool if you can.


5 thoughts on “Moving house woes…

  1. brianmarks

    well it’s sounds like you’re having a blast in the process, one day they will be self sufficient and not feel like the need their mom, and then you will miss them more. so enjoy it all for now, and so what if it’s all falling apart, it will sort itself out in the end.

  2. GarethVorster

    LOL re rock concert in my head comment – I had that yesterday.Good luck with the move, 2nd most stressful thing after showering naked in front of a troop of monkeys – apparently ;0Have a great weekend

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