Here is a great blog that I found and have been following for a while… 🙂


And I am a Boxer dog. I am dictating this from the sofa to my uman Mum,  @frazzlymother or just general mad woman, BOL (Barking out loud)

I have a new friend his name is Baxter, Baxter has asked me to write a guest post on his blog :). My Mum keeps calling him Dexter but that’s not his name BOL. Baxter has a fabedoodle blog it’s called He is a rather handsome chap and like me has a bird’s-eye view of the madness, mayhem and utter silliness these umans get up to. I hope that our umans, TAKE NOTE,  @sthurley, and Mum you need to set up a looky see thingy so I can see Dexter, Baxter in real life and I can wave at him. Unfortunately I am not allowed to call him as I slobbered on the talky thing and Mum got it stuck in…

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