Birdman, boring or brilliant?

I went to watch Michael Keaton’s Birdman yesterday.

Well what can I say other than boring and depressing. A couple of ladies walked out about fifteen minutes in, and hubby nudged me at least twice to suggest we leave. He even admitted to trying to sleep his way through. I stuck it out because I was hoping the end would bring some happiness into my life. But no, not a dicky-bird.

That said, Keaton’s performance was superb, and you can well understand why he is currently filling his bookshelf with awards. His portrayal of a washed up actor, fighting any number of demons regarding depression, failure and family can’t be faulted.

The one bit that didn’t make sense to me though, and which kind off made me think the Director/Writer was taking the piss, was around Michael Keaton’s character flying. I won’t give too much away if you’re intending seeing the movie, but the initial flying I could put down to imagination, but the final stint . . . well it just didn’t make a blind bit of sense.

I’d like to know what anybody else thought, because I’ve seen almost only positive reviews for the movie, and only the odd negative. Could it be I’m ignorant of good movies?

As a final note, while I was waiting at the bathroom afterwards a lady questioned me on the movie . . . it seems we were of a similar opinion. Her suggestion of a good one is The Imitation Game, the Alan Turing story, with Benedict Cumberbatch.

Actually, allow me a further final note. A journalist made a comment about The Imitation Game, which had me frowning and saying “Really!?” The comment was along the lines of “this is a story about a little known character.”

Do you know who he is? I knew straight off. But could that be because I lived pretty close to Bletchley Park?



11 thoughts on “Birdman, boring or brilliant?

  1. I haven’t seen it but I can’t tell you how many films have disappointed me of late. When my TV broke down I didn’t bother to replace it as it’s mostly background noise for me when working, but then someone kindly bought me one for Xmas so I decided to catch up on all the big films that had passed me by.

    I wouldn’t recommend any of them to be frank. They were all so…so so. I can’t RAVE about any. So there. I ‘watched’ Die Hard for the 18th time (in the background) over Xmas and it was still so much more engaging than all the recent arty farty fair.

    1. I know exactly what you mean. We have satellite TV, which in theory should allow some good viewing, but no, only the random odd good one. That said this past weekend I caught About Time, what a lovely movie. When I saw there was a time travel element I almost didn’t watch, but so glad I did now. Have you seen it?

  2. Enough depressing stuff in the news, don’t need it in movies too. Some journalists can write except they have no knowledge of the subject. There has been quite good documentaries about Turin, so yes it is a must-see thanks.

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